Covid – Omicron: two cases detected with the terrible Delta mutation, has Deltacron 2 just been discovered in Japan?

The L452 mutation has the particularity of implying a decrease in the effectiveness of vaccines and antibodies.

Back to normal life: while the restrictive measures are abandoned all around the globe, theepidemic of covid seems behind us. But if the light has turned green, signals come back regularly reminding us that caution is still in order.

Because the virus still circulating. And as a result, it continues to mutate. So new variants are regularly discovered all around the globe. Some being more worrying than others, like the XE variantannounced as “10% more contagious than BA.2” by WHO. Or even the BA.4 variants and BA.5.

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This Monday, a team of Japanese researchers announced the discovery of a new variant half April. Indeed, scientists from the University of Medicine and Odontology of Tokyo confirmed the presence of a new mutation in two cases of BA.2subvariant ofOmicron, the version of the virus now dominant throughout the world. A L452 mutationalready present on the variant Deltawhich has the particularity of implying a decrease in the effectiveness of vaccines and antibody.

According to NHK, the Japanese public broadcaster, there is nothing yet to confirm whether this new variant is more contagious or more severe than previous strains.

Moreover, the two positive patients showed only mild symptoms. The scientists further suggested that the virus had mutated in Japan, knowing that the two cases had not traveled for the past two weeks.

This marks the first case of a recombinant variant being found within Japan. The XE subvariant, another recombinant virus, was detected during an airport screening earlier this month.

—Jesse Johnson (@jljzen) April 29, 2022

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