Covid long: a “virus reservoir” in the intestine

Covid long: a “virus reservoir” in the intestine
People suffering from Covid-long keep a virus reservoir in their body. © Long Covid

According to a Harvard team, Covid-long patients have developed a “virus reservoir” in their gut. How can this discovery change the lives of patients? We take stock.

Spike, Plasma, and Virus Reservoir

The team of Doctor David R. Watt, from the Harvard Medical School, has identified the spike protein coronavirus in plasma two-thirds of patients with long Covid. This supports thehypothesis that a virus reservoir assets persists in the body. These results have been the subject of a scientific pre-publication on the MedRxiv portal. The study involved 31 people (including 3 women) who were diagnosed with Covid-long.

From the lungs to the intestine

Findings from Harvard Medical School confirm previous studies on the link between gut and virus. Thus, a previous study by Stanford University had observed traces of “ghost” virus of Covid-19 in the intestine and not in the respiratory tract.

Treatment Hope

This study makes it possible to revive the hope of a more reliable diagnosis Covid-long thanks to a simple blood test. In addition, this discovery gives researchers leads for a treatment against Covid-long.

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