Covid: FFP2 masks made in France, recalled for their dangerousness

The government calls not to use FFP2 masks from the company Alsace Protection installed in the Bas-Rhin.

Among the more than 5,500 references of recalls of mainly food products listed on the government site, FFP2 masks made in France and more precisely in Hœnheim in the Bas-Rhin of the Alsace Protection brand are mentioned. since Monday May 2.

Insufficient filtration

These masks are recalled because they are non-compliant and present a danger because their filtration is considered insufficient with regard to the criteria of the FFP2 category.

However, no toxic or harmful substance is present in the masks.

But this insufficient filtration can lead to respiratory injuries in view of the non-effectiveness of the product.

Consumers are therefore asked not to use the product and to bring it back to the store until April 16, 2023.

Sold throughout France, in boxes of 10, under the AP-1601 model between 1er April 2021 and February 3, 2022, they have since been withdrawn from sale.

The reference of the batches concerned

The batches affected by this recall are:

  • Batch 04/2021/00026FFP2
  • Batch 01/2021/00026FFP2
  • Batch 01/2021/00034FFP2
  • Batch 02/2021/00012FFP2
  • Batch 02/2021/00038FFP2
  • Batch 03/2021/00014FFP2
  • Batch 03/2021/00042FFP2
  • Batch 08/2021/00033FFP2
  • Batch 04/2021/00054FFP2
  • Batch 08/2021/00064FFP2

There are also batches of FFP3 masks of the same brand that are withdrawn from sale and recalled.

For those who would like to contact the company: 03 88 62 89 70.

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