Covid-19 vaccine: does the booster dose “considerably prolong the duration of the infection”?

First of all, note that the article in question is not a study strictly speaking, but a correspondence. In it, a team from Massachusetts General Hospital, an establishment attached to the prestigious Harvard Medical School in Boston, carried out PCRs for two weeks and cultured the samples from 66 patients with Covid-19.

The data collected should make it possible to assess the duration of virus excretion in patients infected with the Omicron variant. However, according to the reading that some make of it, the analysis of this information would show above all that the third dose “significantly delays the end of the infection”. According to their figures, notably taken up in a blog post that went viral this weekend, “31% of people boosted” were “still contagious ten days after infection” versus “6% in non-vaccinated”. “In other words, people who received a booster shot are five times more likely to still be contagious ten days after infection than unvaccinated people”concludes the author of this blog, already pinned in the past for having disseminated false information on vaccination.


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