Covid-19: the main symptom of the BA.5 variant is sore throat, according to a British study

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Do you have a cold or Covid-19? According to a new UK study, the symptoms of the new BA.5 variant are similar to those of the common cold, in particular one that ruins the lives of covids.

While the contaminations do not weaken, the BA.5 variant, sub-variant of the Omicron, is gradually revealing its mysteries, according to an article by The Independent.

Britain’s ZOE Covid Study app allows infected people to report their symptoms when they are suffering from the virus. The data provided is then analyzed by researchers at King’s College London, who are tracking infections across the UK and identifying those most at risk and high-risk areas.

Sore throat, the most common symptom

According to their latest analysis report, sore throat is now the most reported symptom. Almost 58% of all Covid patients who used the app said they suffered from a sore throat before testing positive.

Headache, stuffy nose and cough are the other most common symptoms.

In the UK, data from the ZOE Health Study revealed there were more than 350,000 daily Covid cases this week, a record for the country. “So much so that if you’re having cold-like symptoms right now, it’s twice as likely to be Covid than a cold,” said Professor Tim Spector, who leads the ‘application.

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