Covid-19: the 2nd booster dose extended to 5 million people, here is who is concerned

The second booster dose (sometimes called “fourth dose of vaccine”) has been extended to new categories of the population. (©L’Éclaireur de Châteaubriant)

The vaccine campaign against Covid-19 continues, and even strengthens. As of this Wednesday, July 20, 2022, the second booster dose (sometimes referred to as the “fourth dose” of vaccine) has been extended to new categories of the population.

About five million people are affected by this extension, recorded by the Ministry of Health during a press briefing attended by Bringing the total number of people eligible for the second booster dose to 17 million.

From 18 years old

In accordance with the latest recommendations from the High Authority for Health (HAS) dated July 13, new people who can request a second booster dose from this Wednesday are divided into three categories.

More specifically, it is:

  • People aged 18 and over “identified as at risk of the virus”, that is to say with comorbidities;
  • Pregnant women from the first trimester of pregnancy;
  • From the entourage of immunocompromised and vulnerable people.

Which people suffer from comorbidities?

According to the list of the Ministry of Health, people with comorbidities are those suffering from:
– Cardiovascular pathologies;
– Diabetes types 1 and 2;
– Chronic respiratory pathologies likely to decompensate in the event of viral infection in particular;
– Chronic renal failure;
– Obesity with body mass index ≥ 30;
– Cancer or hematological malignancy;
– Chronic liver diseases, in particular cirrhosis;
– Congenital or acquired immunosuppression;
– Major sickle cell syndrome or history of splenectomy;
– Neurological pathologies:
– Psychiatric disorders;
– Dementia.

“We are now targeting younger and younger people”

Until then, the fourth dose only concerned people aged 60 and over (with or without comorbidities), residents of nursing homes and USLDs (long-term care units) as well as “severely immunocompromised” people, reminds health insurance.

“We aim today younger and younger people”with regard to the virulence of Covid and in particular of the sub-variants of Omicron BA.4 and BA.5, justifies the Ministry of Health.

And when will the second booster dose be extended to the entire population? “Everything will depend on the opinions of the scientific authorities” – the HAS and the Council for the Orientation of the Vaccine Strategy (COSV) in the lead, underlines the ministry.

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When should you receive your 2nd booster dose?

It all depends on age of the person. For people over 80nursing home residents and particularly vulnerable people, you have to wait three months after the first booster dose.

The elderly of over 60, eligible for the booster dose since April 2022, could wait six months between the first and second dose. This interval also concerns the new categories of eligible people, confirms the Ministry of Health during its press briefing.

Six months is also the period recommended by the COSV opinion, dated March 31: “The second booster must be injected from six months after the injection of the first booster. »

And in the case of an infection between the two reminders?

The equation “one Covid infection = one injection” has often been advanced by health authorities. This was the case in particular to validate the fact that a person who had two injections and then contracted Covid could be exempted from a booster dose (or third dose), the immune system having already been stimulated with the infection.

But in the case of people eligible for the second booster dose, the rules are different. “Here, we are talking about particularly fragile people, and with the very contagious variantsexplains the Ministry of Health.

The scientific authorities prefer to add an additional dose of vaccine than to consider that an infection is sufficient. It is an enhanced protective measure.

Ministry of Health

Where to get vaccinated?

The last few months have confirmed this: over the course of advances in vaccination, the dedicated centers have gradually been abandoned in favor of the city ​​medicine. “City health professionals are those who today manage the vaccination campaign”, agrees the Ministry of Health.

Thus, on July 17, 95% of anti-Covid injections are carried out in the city, and 5% in still active vaccination centers (otherwise performing more than 10 injections per week). The latter are 240 in number, lists the ministry of François Braun.

Therefore, if you are eligible for the second booster dose and wish to benefit from it, do not hesitate to directly contact a healthcare professional nearest you: pharmacist, nurse, attending physician

All available vaccination sites are listed on the Santé.fr website. You can also go through Doctolib.

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