Covid-19: new variants for the start of the school year?

Almost all of the current contaminations at Covid-19, are caused by the BA.5 variant. However, from the start of the school year, much more dangerous variants could appear in the country, according to certain epidemiologists.

No increased hospital saturation

9 out of 10 contaminations are caused by this BA.5 variant, at the origin of the 7th wave of the epidemic, which has been raging since May 2022. horizon in Europe, even if many are knocking on our doors”, according to Professor Antoine Flahault, epidemiologist and director of the Geneva Institute of Global Health, on He calls BA.2.75, or Centaur, who arrived from India a few weeks ago. Moreover, in India, it is he who is dominant.

In France, for the moment, only a few rare cases have been detected. And rest assured, “the good news is that it does not seem to be associated with increased hospital saturation, unlike the Delta variant of spring 2021. its elderly and at-risk people, and it is better immunized by successive pandemic waves, like Europeans elsewhere, ”returns the professor.

A seasonal virus

But it is also possible that several Omicron sub-variants will be circulating this fall. An unprecedented situation reminds the site. “As long as the virus has not exhausted its capacity for mutation, we will see the emergence of sub-variants. Will they be more transmissible? It will be difficult to do worse than the BA.5. », according to Yves Buisson, epidemiologist and president of the cell covid at the National Academy of Medicine.

“At first this virus was extremely deadly, just see the damage of the Spanish flu in the late 1920s. It is now seasonal,” he compares. “The virus becomes much more transferable, but is much less lethal, as Delta was able to be. Today, we are mainly witnessing upper respiratory infections, of the cold type, whereas before, it was rather lower respiratory infections (of the pneumonia type)”, he reassures.

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