Covid-19: dyspnea, this persistent respiratory symptom which worries the WHO

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The long covid is gradually lifting its mysteries and the symptoms concerned. According to an American study, dyspnea would be added to the list. Shortness of breath, difficulty breathing… This symptom is defined as “serious” by the WHO.

Studies are multiplying on the phenomenon of long covid, and on the symptoms that persist over time. Headaches, runny nose, fatigue, diarrhea… According to a new American study, published in the journal Scientific Reports, another symptom would be added to the list: dyspnea.

A much less common symptom, the World Health Organization (WHO) defines it as “serious”, requiring “immediate” medical attention. It is characterized by difficulty breathing. The affected person has the impression of running out of air on inspiration and expiration. This discomfort may be accompanied by a change in the respiratory rate such as acceleration, or deceleration.

Dyspnea can turn into pneumonia

Covid is one of the aggravating factors of these symptoms because it is a respiratory-tropic virus. “It invades the respiratory tract: nose, pharynx, trachea, bronchi at the time of contamination by the virus”, explains Dr. Patrick AubĂ©, general practitioner, in an interview with the Journal des femmes.

If this shortness of breath is accompanied by cough, fever, “this may mean an evolution of the disease in the form of pneumopathy”, explains the general practitioner. This is then a potential respiratory emergency that must be taken care of as soon as possible.

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