Covid-19. Before the start of the school year, where is the epidemic situation in Maine-et-Loire?

According to the latest data published on the Covidtracker site dated Friday August 19, the epidemiological situation concerning Covid-19 is improving in the department of Maine-et-Loire if we are to believe the main indicators of the circulation of the virus (the incidence and positivity rates) and the evolution of hospital pressure.

Incidence rate. In Anjou, the incidence rate is 128 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, against a national average of 195. A figure that has been higher since the beginning of November 2021 and has fallen since a peak at 1,453, recorded on July 13. Despite everything, the department remains above the alert threshold set at 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Positivity rate. The positivity rate is also falling in Anjou. It is 23.6% against 42.5 during a previous peak, dated July 16. However, this figure is higher than the national average which is 18.24%.

Hospital pressure in Maine-et-Loire. Regarding hospital tension, this is 20% (compared to 18.6% nationally). Today there are 122 patients hospitalized in the department, compared to 209 during a previous peak dated July 21. The number of patients admitted to intensive care is also falling. There were twice as many a month ago.

Vaccination rate. The vaccination rate of the population of Maine-et-Loire is 81.9%. Nationally, the percentage of the number of French people who received at least one dose is 80.9%.

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