contact cards become (a bit) less dull

Google is starting to deploy some small new features on Android 13’s contact cards. These now benefit from an accent color, but also from a slight reorganization.

Contact cards become a little less dull in Android 13 // Source: Google

Without being particularly elegant, the contact cards of Android 13 and 12 become a little more colorful. We learn from Android Police that Google is starting to deploy an accent color there while maintaining the Material You style they have enjoyed since 2021.

This small change, deployed through the latest update to the Google Contacts application, applies directly to the cards created for each of your contacts. Without making major changes to the overall presentation or the shape of the icons, this new feature removes the small lines used to delimit the different elements of the contact card in favor of colored blocks taking up the color of the Material You theme applied to your device. A discreet aesthetic change, but not unpleasant.

Some additional changes for contact cards

At the same time, this new update introduces a category specific to email addresses and telephone numbers. These are now grouped together in an insert specific to contact information. Another change: the contact’s name is now centered under their profile picture, instead of being shifted to the left. Nothing stunning either, but Google is slowly tweaking the design of its cards to make them more consistent with the rest of the interface.

@AndroidPolice @droid_life @ManuelVonau Anyone seeing the new contact card design in Google Contacts?🙄🤔

This is on Version

— Prajjwal (@PrajjwalPorwal) June 10, 2022

As an attentive Android Police reader noticed, these changes are in effect on Contacts version, but it looks like they were actually rolled out slightly upstream. In this case, Google would automatically distribute these news from its servers (“server-side update“) without a download and a classic installation being necessary on the part of the user.

This update primarily concerns Android 13, but also applies to devices equipped with Android 12, specifies Android Police. If you use one of the two versions of the OS, it is possible that you are already concerned.

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