Connected home: Google is implementing Matter compatibility on its Nest and Android devices

The connected home is gradually getting simpler. After the arrival a few weeks ago of version 1.0 of the Matter protocol, Google began to make its ecosystem of devices compatible with the new standard. Android, Nest and Google Home devices have just received an update that allows them to control compatible devices, Google has announced.

Google’s ecosystem simplifies home automation

Concretely, this means that pairing smart bulbs, presence detectors or surveillance cameras should be easier if you have Google devices in your home. The Nest Mini, Audio, Hub, Hub Max, Wifi and Google Home devices will be able to act as a Matter hub, thus centralizing the home automation control of your home. Nest Wifi Pro, Nest Hub Max and Nest Hub (2nd generation) can also act as wire routers (to create a mesh network) to add a maximum number of connected objects to the network, regardless of the protocol used. Regarding Android phones, Matter compatibility is ensured from version 8.1 and as long as Google Play Services 22.48.14 (or later) is present.

Since matter is perceived as a universal protocol, of course it becomes possible to control it from any device when a gadget is connected to the network, whether it is Apple, Samsung, Google, Amazon or other. Pairing compatible devices should also be easier, as if a Matter device is detected by your Android mobile, a small pop-up will appear asking you if you want to add it to your home network. The process is exactly the same as for pairing a Bluetooth headset in Fast Pair.

More than waiting for Matter gadgets

Google isn’t the first company to add Matter support to its devices. Since iOS 16.2, iPhones are also compatible with Matter and Amazon has also bundled support for the universal protocol.

The only missing link to the realization of a fully interoperable connected home? Matter connected objects. While Apple, Google, Amazon and others have been quick to turn their devices into Matter remotes, wearables that support the protocol are still rare. Aside from a few Eve products, there aren’t many Matter-compatible home automation gadgets at the moment. Many manufacturers are committed, but updates are slow to arrive at the moment.

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