Connected health is getting better on Android thanks to Google and Samsung

Google and Samsung have joined forces to develop a platform to pool the health data collected by your connected objects and your applications.

The Google Fit app // Source: Frandroid

With Google I/O, many new features have arrived on Android, particularly in terms of connected health. Google and Samsung announce that they have created Health Connect : a platform and a set of APIs for application developers to make connected health more interconnected.

Google is therefore trying to get up to speed with Apple’s HealthKit, an API suite that allows iOS app health data to be stored in one place in the cloud. It allows users to have access to all their data in one place, regardless of the application they use.

Health Connect: an API developed by Google in collaboration with Samsung

On the sidelines of the big Google conference, the Android developer blog presented a new platform named Health Connect, which could be useful for the Galaxy Watch 4 in particular. So it’s a “platform and API for Android application developers“. We learn that “aWith user permission, developers can use a unique set of APIs to securely access and share health and fitness data on Android devices“. More concretely, this would make it possible to bring together the health information collected by different connected objects (watch, scale, telephone) and/or applications in the same place, in order to have more precise and above all more useful services.

This platform is therefore developed by Google in collaboration with Samsung “to simplify connectivity between applications“. Several applications therefore adopt Health Connect: Samsung Health, Google Fit and Fitbit; starting today, the platform is available for all Android developers.

Connected health is getting better on Android thanks to Google and Samsung
How Health Connect works // Source: Android Developer Blog

Health Connect takes into account several health and fitness data: activity, sleep, nutrition, body measurements, heart rate, blood pressure. Regarding respect for privacy, we learn that “data in Health Connect is all on device and encrypted“. However, it can be assumed that some applications using this set of APIs could collect some of this data. In addition, users can at any time close access to certain applications or delete data they do not want. Also, they can give priority to a data source in case they use several applications; for example, the number of daily steps if you have a smartwatch and a phone that offer this account.

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