Confidentiality and lobbying: Apple would have the most weight

A few hours before the keynote, it’s on another subject that Apple is talking about (but no less recurring), namely the protection of privacy. Indeed, through its policy and communication on the subject, the firm enjoys greater credibility than its competitors, according to Accountant Tech (one of the most powerful lobby in this segment).

Furthermore, there is a strong public support in favor of a federal privacy law. On their side and all in all, tech firms would also prefer scattered federal standards and less harmonious (exceptions are easier to find there) than a single, stricter national law of application.

In addition, federal laws are more fragile in the face of lobbying pressure. Moreover, some American states are passing bills drafted largely by lobbyists. Finally Cupertino has its own agenda to follow, especially to protect the Apple Store or avoid sideloading and it intends to put pressure on these new texts, highlighting its key arguments: user security and confidentiality of exchanges!

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