Confessions. 800kg of vegetables thrown away

While the fight against food waste is a cause to which everyone is sensitive today, more than 800 kg of vegetables, many of them still fit for consumption, were dumped in the forest, in the town of Aveux en Barousse valley. How can we imagine people throwing away food that is still about to be eaten?. This act, contrary to all notions of environmental respect, aroused the indignation of the Association Solidarité Barousse, called to the scene.

Sad spectacle essentially composed of vegetables strewn on the ground. This food which for a good part of them could still be consumed. Looking at the photos and the quantity thrown away, one inevitably wonders: these potatoes or root vegetables still edible when they were laid on the ground, could they not have found a better destination and serve of food, especially to the poorest? At a time when more and more people are having great difficulty buying fruit and vegetables to eat, it is unthinkable and unacceptable that such behavior can exist.

On behalf of its beneficiaries, the Association Solidarité Barousse reserves the right to join the complaint that should be filed.

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