Chrome is now 20% faster on Mac, says Google

Google continues to improve Chrome on Mac, and today the group claims that its browser is now 20% faster on macOS. It is based on a test carried out on Speedometer, a benchmark developed by the WebKit team, namely Safari’s rendering engine.

Last March, Google assured that Chrome had become faster than Safari with a score of 300 on Speedometer, against 279 for Apple’s browser. For information, this benchmark tests responsiveness, which makes it a good indicator of the user experience when browsing.

Today, Google indicates in a tweet : “Three months ago, we recorded the highest Apple Speedometer score. Today, Chrome is 20% faster on Mac, with a score of over 360”.

It will be interesting to see what Apple will offer with Safari 16 which will be announced tonight. The manufacturer will take advantage of the WWDC 2022 opening keynote to unveil iOS 16, macOS 13 and its other new operating systems. Safari 16 is going to be integrated into these versions. To see if the browser will come back in front and become the fastest browser on Mac again.

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