Champions League: overwhelmed security, heartfelt fans, the organization mocks … Chaos final at the Stade de France

With a 36-minute delayed kick-off, scenes of chaos and the impossibility for some supporters with tickets to access the Stade de France, the organization of the Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid (0-1) turned into a fiasco on Saturday.

Liverpool fans were unable to attend the game.

The saves of Thibaut Courtois, the classy gesture of Karim Benzema, who let Marcelo lift the trophy, and the chaos around the Stade de France… Here are the three great images that we will remember from the Champions League final won on Saturday by Real Madrid against Liverpool (1-0).

Probably unprecedented for a poster of this level: the kick-off of the meeting was indeed given 36 minutes late following incidents around the stadium.

The safety device is shattered

The fault, according to the French authorities and UEFA, is that some Liverpool supporters, who came without a ticket or with fake tickets, tried to force their way into the stadium. With also local residents who took advantage of it to interfere in the fault, it is in total, according to RMC Sport, 3,000 to 4,000 individuals who managed to cross the first level of security in the face of clearly overwhelmed police forces. despite the much-vaunted exceptional system (7,000 agents). Massive attempts to validate counterfeit banknotes also reportedly caused some entrance turnstiles to malfunction and increased the disorder. The brutal intervention of the CRS, accused of having indiscriminately repelled troublemakers and families with children, did not help…

The celebrity rant

The organization around the Stadium is not worthy of a Champions League final. Using tear gas in areas with children and peaceful supporters is dangerouscomplained Marvin Matip, the brother of Liverpool central defender Jol Matip, quoted by Sky Sport Germany and forced to take refuge in a restaurant with his pregnant wife.

It’s a scandal what is happening at the Stade de France! Blocked for more than an hour, gassed, jostled… Access to the stadium was closed even before kick-off. And it’s just now that they decide to evacuate people. As a reminder, everyone has tickets to return. Scandalous, also tweeted boxer Estelle Mossely. If the Olympic champion was finally able to enter before half-time, this is not the case for certain Liverpool supporters, who were never able to access the Dionysian enclosure even though they had valid tickets…

The Farce Stadium size in england

A friend of mine who couldn’t get into the stadium was told his ticket was fake, which I can assure you wasn’t. It was really a mess! It was horrible for our fans and all the families who went through it. The Champions League should be a party but it wasn’tthus tackled for the BBC the left-back of the Reds, Andy Robertson, whose club is asking for an investigation (see here).

This Sunday, that’s the word chaos which returns to the front pages of the English press, particularly acerbic, the Farce Stadiumeven pays the Daily Star by evoking a real shame. I’m not sure it’s possible to have a less well organized eventtackled the famous Gary Lineker, while in Italy, Le Corriere dello Sport does not fail to pin the organization flop. While mockery has flourished on Twitter, France and UEFA are clearly not growing from this evening…

Twitter pings the organization

Security exceeds

Fans brutalized for no reason

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