Why the United States will release 2 billion genetically modified mosquitoes

Release two billion mosquitoes into the wild to reduce their population: a not-so-outlandish idea from an American company. For several years now, companies have been trying to new ways to reduce the mosquito populationother than insecticides and the draining of wetlands. American companies, such as Google, or the British Oxitec have already operated GMO mosquito … Read more

Covid-19 would not be transmitted by contaminated surfaces: why?

Since the start of the pandemic, it is commonly accepted that the virus is transmitted, on the one hand by postilions (coughing, sneezing, laughter…), and on the other hand by contaminated surfaces (credit card terminal, handles of carriesobjects…). To guard against the first mode of transmission, the wearing a mask has been widespread indoors, and … Read more

Why the US Will Release 2 Billion GMO Mosquitoes

Two billion genetically modified mosquitoes are going to be released in parts of Florida and California, USA. Responsible for approximately 750,000 deaths per year, the mosquito is the deadliest species for humans. It is a release of mosquitoes on an unprecedented scale, led by the American company Oxitec, and which aims to reduce the population … Read more