Covid: “exit door”, “calm summer”… In the midst of an epidemic rebound, these scientists are optimistic

While the number of daily Covid cases is increasing, some scientists are tempering the prevailing concern linked to Covid, with more optimistic analyzes concerning the evolution of the situation. A glimmer of hope, which does not hurt, more than two years after the start of the pandemic. The end of the tunnel ? Hard to … Read more

Explosion of lung cancer among women, urged to get screened

CANCER – “Lung cancer is no longer a disease of men”: tel is the main finding of a study presented at the French-language pneumology congress in January 2022. Carried out every ten years since 2000, this measures the evolution of these cancers treated and diagnosed in non-university centers in France. “What we have seen in … Read more

Has Covid-19 become a “normal” disease?

Will we soon be talking about Covid-19 as we talk about the flu, gastroenteritis or angina? For several days, new contaminations have started to rise again, while the vaccination pass has been suspended and most barrier measures set aside. Spain has even gone further by removing the quarantine requirement for mild cases. Has Covid-19 become … Read more

the symptoms are no longer the same as at the start of the pandemic

The epidemiological recovery in France coincides with spring, the allergy season. The symptoms of Covid-19 can easily be confused with those of an allergy: Sore throat, headaches, fatigue… If at the start of the pandemic, the virus affected the bronchi, today the symptoms are felt in the upper airways. The new symptoms of Covid-19 can … Read more

Covid – Omicron: “10% more contagious than BA.2”, more than 600 cases of a new variant discovered in the United Kingdom

His nickname: XD. Particularity: it is a recombinant of two strains of Omicron. After two and a half years of health crisisIepidemic from covid seems to be coming to an end. But as countries take turns lifting restrictive measuresexperts worry about figures of contamination which are soaring. The fault of BA.2, subvariant of Omicronvery contagious. … Read more

Protection, reinfection… What immunity does one develop after contamination by Omicron?

Contaminations and hospitalizations which are on the rise again. More than two weeks after the lifting of health restrictions, France is at the heart of its sixth epidemic wave. In question: the BA.2 sub-lineage, now the majority. Mutated version of the Omicron variant (BA.1), with approximately 30% higher contagiousness, BA.2 contaminates massively. If many people … Read more

The “perpetual catastrophe” behind us? Karine Lacombe “sees the exit door” from Covid-19

This is what the infectiologist and head of the infectious and tropical diseases department at Saint-Antoine Hospital in Paris says to The Conversation France “We are emerging from the Covid exceptionality.” In any case, this is the analysis of Karine Lacombe, infectious disease specialist and head of the infectious and tropical diseases department at Saint-Antoine … Read more