The waitress fed a “homeless” without knowing that it is a control of the direction of the restaurant, incredible!

With the rising cost of living and inflation, many people can no longer afford adequate housing. It is not uncommon to come across homeless people in the streets of our cities. At the sight of these individuals, there is confusion between compassion and fear. Some people are even afraid to approach them. Others behave negatively … Read more

towards an unprecedented crisis?

War in Ukraine, heat waves, Covid, the cocktail is set up to witness a global crisis ( — “All that’s missing is a heat wave in Europe and the cocktail would be complete to witness a historic global food crisis”… This remark from a commodity trader fuels the discussions on likely food shortages looming on … Read more

here is the favorite brand of the French and it is neither Coca-Cola nor President

President, Panzani, Fleury Michon, Harrys? What are the favorite food brands of the French? The Brand Footprint ranking, recently published by the Kantar Institute, tells us more about consumer preferences in terms of mass distribution. It should be noted that this list only takes into account national brands, a brand managed by an industrialist, unlike … Read more