Carcassonne: Hot or Not and Mexican cuisine land on the boulevard of Warsaw

No more food trucks, Hot or Not moved to 29 Boulevard Warszawa on April 12th. After a successful first month with their new room almost full, the month of May was slowed down as a result of vacations and numerous public holidays. “It will resume”assure Cyril Barbette and Marie-Pierre Gaurant, owner of this “fast good”.

“We wanted to give our customers a base”, this is the main reason given by Cyril Barbette, for the transition of his Mexican food truck Hot or Not into a local. In this place of authentic Mexican cuisine, reservations as well as privatization are possible. A good way to travel without taking the plane.

The manager wanted to highlight Mexican cuisine with his partner Marie-Pierre Gaurant, “not just tex-mex” they unanimously affirm, “but Mexico from A to Z”. Mission apparently successful: “Mexican or Texan customers told us they had the feeling of having returned to their country”, add the two bosses. The two lovers of world cuisine turned to Mexican dishes “to arouse curiosity”. The kitchen is accessible to all: “Don’t be afraid of chilli, there’s something for everyone!”

Mexico on your plates

Hot or Not offers tacos, quesadillas, nachos, and guacamole, to name a few. Vegetarian and gluten-free options are also available. The couple also created a grocery space with 100% Mexican products. Soda, tortillas, frijoles, hot sauce… Only typical local products. The only products not imported are fresh, local products. Mexican cheeses, complicated to import, are replaced by European equivalents, such as cheddar, Emmental, mozzarella and feta. On the cactaceae side, the managers cook imported nopals in brine. “We would like to experiment with prickly pears”says the boss.

Cyril Barbette and Marie-Pierre Gaurant wanted to offer a menu of Mexican street food. For this reason, some national specialties are not on the menu, such as enchiladas or chilaquiles. “We don’t do plated meals like a restaurant”explains Marie-Pierre Gaurant, “but why not propose it as ”dish of the week””, outbid Cyril Barbette. Moreover, the establishment is not a fast food, but a fast good. That is, quality trumps speed. “We chose an open kitchen to discuss with the customers without problem”says the cook. “We wanted to keep a friendly space, like with the food truck”adds his partner.

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