“Breathe”: How Apple created the Apple Watch anti-stress minute

Since watchOS 3, the Apple Watch offers a “Mindfulness” function to encourage the user to breathe a little through visual animations.

In an article published internally, Apple lifts the veil a little on the journey that led to the “Breathe” function which appeared in 2016 with the third version of watchOS. It was necessary on the one hand to choose a relevant visual representation and on the other hand to take into account the profile of the various users.

Mindfulness at the launch of watchOS 3

Designed for users to take a break from the hustle and bustle of their day, this app should allow them to reach a moment of “mindfulness” with the help of their watch. And breathing requires no effort, that’s all we do…

The main difficulty in designing an experiment aimed at limiting stress is that not everyone has the same approach.explains in the article Gary Butcher, at that time a member of the user interface team and for a year VP of Design at Airbnb. Some people sit cross-legged on a meditation cushion, while others eat chocolate. So we had to find a way to design a constructive and beneficial experience for everyone.. »


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