brake failure on the Nurburgring!

More than a week ago, the famous Youtuber Misha Charoudin, tested a Tesla Model S Raven 2019. With the owner, they then ventured all 3 on the Nordschleife, reputed to be one of the fastest circuits in the world. world ! Unfortunately, nothing went as planned. Problems arose and shortened the experience!

Every car enthusiast worth their salt knows the Nurburgring. This is one of the most demanding circuits in the world, located in Germany. Here we are talking about the Nordschleifethe track open to the public and which is more than 20 km long. It is this famous track that Misha Charoudin took with a Tesla Model S…

A Tesla Model S on the track?

As we know, the Tesla Model S is a work of Tesla Motors, presented for the first time in 2009, at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It is the brand’s second model after the Roadster. This car is out of the ordinary. It is 100% electric and it is one of the fastest cars fastest in the world with acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.4 seconds. Having said that, speed is one thing but… when other problems arise, we would like to go slower!

A brake failure in the middle of a turn…

Who hasn’t dreamed, once in their life, of riding on the Nordschleife, one of the longest runs in the world? Last week, this owner of Tesla Model S gets on the track to test his beautiful electric car. Even bought used, it still retains its superb acceleration and performance. However, what was not expected is brake failure while priming a quick turn. The brakes let it go… not quite but the driver doesn’t seem as surprised as that! He keeps calm!

A ride on the track much too fast…

Fortunately, nothing serious happened. They emerged unscathed as he managed to catch his Model S in time. However, a smart driver is worth 2 ! No need to take so many risks… Have your vehicle checked before driving on the circuit at full speed, especially the brakes. In this case, the worst could have been avoided!

Check out the Youtuber’s video below:

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