Brad Pitt and the director of “Top Gun: Maverick” land on Apple TV+

Since its creation, the Apple TV+ streaming service has already attracted many celebrities from the American cinematic universe, such as Tom Hanks, Jennifer Aniston, Samuel L Jackson, Rose Byrne, Jason Momoa and Chris Evans. However, an international star has never been present in an original Apple production, it is Brad Pitt.

Many members of the Maverick team will participate in this original Apple creation

You may have already seen the amazing Top Gun: Maverick in the cinema, a film which marks the spirit by its scenario and its stunning pictures who achieve perfection on every level. The Apple TV+ team was obviously impressed by this film, which was a huge success in the cinema.
Wishing to collaborate with the team of Top Gun: MaverickApple TV+ has just signed an agreement with the director of the film as well as several members of the cast of the latest Top Gun.

A recent report from The Hollywood Reporter explains that Brad Pitt will star in an action-packed Formula 1 movie, which will be directed by the talented Joseph Kosinski.

The deal, which has been in the works for nearly five months, reunites Kosinski and many members of his Maverick team, including screenwriter Ehren Kruger and producers Jerry Bruckheimer and Chad Oman of Jerry Bruckheimer Films, with Maverick hoping to gross $1 billion. or more when it hits theaters. All are back in the same roles for the racing project and are joined by Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time F1 world champion, who will produce under Pitt’s Plan B banner.

brad pitt and joseph kosinski

In the United States, this big-budget film will first be released in cinemas and then will be available in exclusivity on Apple TV+ beyond a period of approximately 30 days.
In France, this will unfortunately not be possible because of our media chronology which would prevent publication on Apple TV+ at the same time as the Americans.

As the report explains, the idea for the project did not come from Apple, but from director Kosinski. It was he who proposed and detailed the project at length to the Apple TV+ teams, who were won over, he was encouraged after meeting Hamilton through Tom Cruise at a party.

This new film (whose name is still secret) will aim to offer the most realistic Formula 1 races possible, the scenario and the images will have to convince fans of this motor sport discipline. Apple will rely in part on experience and Lewis Hamilton’s passion for bringing a special touch to this original film.

Note that a second collaboration with Lewis Hamilton is underway with Apple TV+, the streaming service should soon reveal a unpublished and exclusive documentary on the career of the international star. No date has yet been announced, but this hour-long documentary is expected to be released this year or in 2023.

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