Blues have the wind at their backs: what can happen to them?

We have rarely seen a substitute so happy not to come on and stay on the bench until the final whistle. However, Marcus Thuram had lost the casable. Suddenly, the forward shook Didier Deschamps and his suit as he watched his replacement, Olivier Giroud, score the winning goal with an angry header.

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We then played the 78th minute, and forty seconds earlier the top scorer in the history of the French team had found Jordan Pickford on his way. It was over, he would come out at the next stoppage, after the subsequent corner. And then… The ball, pushed back by the English defence, traveled the following path: Jules Koundé, Théo Hernandez, Antoine Griezmann. The sequel has already made its way into the history books. And Marcus Thuram has put on his chasuble. With a smile.

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“In England we compare these Blues to Benzema’s Real Madrid”

Since the 9th minute of the first World Cup match, moments of Lucas Hernandez’s terrible injury and the opening of the scoring for Australia, we generally have a feeling that this team is carried by destiny. After all, since the famous 9th minute, everything has gone like clockwork. The defeat against Tunisia was a fairy tale, the blues did not concede a single goal in the match, the yellow cards accumulated until Saturday night have never hurt the Habs, except for one of them (Tchouaméni against Poland) forced Didier Deschamps to to adjust his plans during the match. And everyone held the shock, physically, mentally as well.

The problems, those who flew in a squadron at Euro 2021, and even in long weeks before the World Cup, the withdrawal of some (Kanté, Maignan), the concerns of others (Pogba), the mistakes of the last ones, from Clairefontaine to Doha (Kimpembe, Nkunku, Benzema), let’s imagine a more complicated competition, possibly shorter. And then, once again, the Blues did. DD did. “I’m here for this”replied the coach on Sunday morning in Téléfoot with a broad smile over his shoulder, when he was asked if it was a source of pride to have achieved such a feat.

From galleys to happiness there is only one step. But the progress is significant. Some will not forget to remember that the Blues, under Deschamps, have often seemed varnished for them, we will not forget to point out that the coach of the French team has not stopped maximizing the exceptional potential that he has hands, that he has always chosen his groups perfectly based on sporting and human criteria. So in Qatar, as always, he benefited from healthy environments conducive to the overcoming of features.

Are the Blues now the big favourites? “France is above the rest”

The victory against England is one of those that symbolizes this condition. If the match was far from mastery and, without attacking Olivier Giroud, did not embody the defensive quality of Belgium 2018 – a true blue masterpiece in this part of the game – England 2022 will have symbolized the collective strength of a group that surfs on the problems, and when it gets in the way, as it was against Harry Kane and his friends, pedal strokes are enough to break the branches and roll over the world. “We feel that even in difficulties nothing can happen to us”assured Adrien Rabiot, on Saturday night.

Belgium 2018? Rather Raul 2000

The repetition of the reversal of opposite events is another element that must be credited to the Blues. Harry Kane’s second penalty on Saturday smacks of Raul 2000, when the Blues, although on cloud nine, only won their EC games en route to the double with scant scores and scenarios too big to be adapted for the cinema. The wheel always turned on their side. And at some point it is no longer a coincidence. Even less luck. At best success, that which is provoked with the fangs.

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Two games from the end of the World Cup, one wonders what can happen to them? The answer: Morocco, already. And then, if it ever happens again for the best, Argentina. Or Croatia again. In short, the road is straight, but it does not look like a boulevard. At these altitudes, the backwaters are never far from the main roads. And don’t count on them imagining lifting the World Cup again on December 18.

“We’re halfway, we’re not going to see each other at the end, tempered the national coach on Saturday. We are getting close, but the next stage, very important for us to believe it, goes to Wednesday. We will be satisfied with what we have done, but not satisfied with it.” Being satisfied with it, without being satisfied with it, looks like a credo that sticks well to the skin.

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