Bitten more than 200 times by mosquitoes in the Gard, Manon ended up on sick leave

Trapped by swarms of mosquitoes while working in a melon field in the Gard, Manon found herself on sick leave after being bitten hundreds of times. Swelling, burns, pain… The 20-year-old young woman, who was not allergic, suffered a violent reaction.

Is 2022 a mosquito year? Corroborating the repeated complaints of inhabitants and tourists on the coast, the EID – the organization responsible for mosquito control – communicated this Thursday on “an exceptional episode” with “the emergence of adult mosquitoes in several wetlands”. Well known for its nuisance power, the insect can also cause real health problems in the event of multiple bites. In the Gard, Manon had the painful experience of it.

More than 200 bites on the legs

The 20-year-old, originally from Hérault, was to spend two months in the region as part of her studies on the selection of melon varieties. But last Monday, while surveying fields located in Fourques, on the edge of the Camargue Regional Natural Park, she found herself trapped by swarms of mosquitoes. “I had never seen that. They got everywhere, in my mouth, under my sunglasses… It was all the more surprising that some of my colleagues didn’t seem to get bitten”

Long clothes and special “tropical zone” mosquito repellent will not be enough to protect it. “When I got home, I found my legs were bloated and covered in pimples. I counted over 200! The problem was the pain wasn’t going down. I had a burning sensation. Impossible to sleep or simply to touch my legs”, details the young woman.

A violent reaction noted by a doctor

Although not allergic to mosquitoes, a doctor diagnoses him with a violent reaction following too many bites. Four days later, after treatment with anti-inflammatory, cortisone and antihistamine, the pain disappeared. “But the doctor gave me a sick leave and clearly advised me not to expose myself to mosquitoes again. He had never seen such a reaction.” Marion must now discuss with her internship supervisor to find a new assignment, far from the mosquitoes. If indeed some French regions are still spared…

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