beware of gurus and charlatans

Anyone who offers illusory remedies can be considered a charlatan,ā€ explains Simon Schraub. ADOBE STOCK

INTERVIEW ā€“ Simon Schraub, professor emeritus of medicine and former administrator of the National League against Cancer, exposes the risks of excesses in health, and how to guard against them.

Simon Schraub is the author of a book and a thesis on the risks inherent in alternative medicine in the event of cancer.

THE HEALTH FIGARO. – How was the National League against Cancer brought to provide advice on the risks of deviations in terms of well-being and health?

Simon SCHRAUB. – Until 1998, the League was mainly concerned with supporting research and cancer prevention actions. But helping the sick has become increasingly important. First, with psychological support, in particular through support groups. Then the departmental committees were canvassed by people offering all kinds of well-being care. It was therefore for the League to define what complementary medicine is, to give its limits and risks, to advise the departmental committees which welcome and inform patients and their relatives.

For these proposed health care, the border between charlatans and gurus is sometimesā€¦

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