behind the scenes of sound creation unveiled by Apple

Apple opens the doors of the Skywalker Ranch to us to discover the sound work of the artists of Skywalker Sound. Discover an exclusive documentary in the coming days and learn how to create your own effects!

Artists work on the sound design of productions Star Wars – Credit: Apple

It’s a special day for lovers of Star Wars. Like every 4th of May, the whole world (or rather the galaxy) celebrates the franchise. A date chosen according to a pun since the famous phrase ” May the Force be with you » (« May the force be with you “) turns into ” May the fourth be with you » (« May the 4th be with you “). And if Star Warsthat’s a lot of awesome visuals, sound matters a lot. Apple highlights the creators of the franchise’s sound effects through their work from Mac computers.

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Apple supports the work of Skywalker Ranch artists

Image 2: Star Wars: behind the scenes of sound creation unveiled by Apple
Al Nelson hard at work – Credit: Apple

We are in California and George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch contains miles of cables and other gadgets. The Skywalker Sound located in this sprawling complex serves sound design, editing, mixing, and audio post-production. The sound library counts nearly of a million sounds with a Soundminer sound library system for descriptive searches by keywords.

As Apple explains, there are 130 Mac Pro, 50 iMac, 50 MacBook Pro and 50 Mac mini. Not to mention a fleet of iPads, iPhones and Apple TVs. Ben Burtt, sound designer of the first films Star Warsthe prelogy and the franchise IndianaJones claims to have started on Macintosh SE.

All the Mac experience I had immediately trained me in digital sound cutting. I started editing on Mac with Final Cut in the late 90s. I now own 4 Mac computers. Each handles a different process. We find the labels Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta to differentiate them

–Ben Burtt

Ben Burtt talks in particular about the creation of the famous noises of R2-D2, the father of Luke Skywalker according to this crazy theory. The artist says: When I sat down and started experimenting with him on the first movie, I suddenly realized I was in on the dialogue. Timing is very important. Once we realized we had something functional, the picture editors returned and began cutting many scenes. By slightly changing the timing. The sound began to factor into the actual rhythm, like all the dialogue “.

A personal library for each artist

Each Skywalker Sound artist has a personal library of valuable recordings. Al Nelson, supervisor and sound designer, says teams are constantly looking for sounds to elicit emotion. There are some unique elements. Someone once sent Ben Burtt a recording of rickety blades in an apartment he was fixing. This piece was later used for the laser gates momentarily separating Qui-Gon Jinn and Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace.=
Another example told by Ben Burtt: “ People write to me to say: ‘My aunt has a weird cough, you want to save it for a creature’? “.

What I learned from Star Wars is that Ben [Burtt] used all natural sounds to make sci-fi explains Gary Rydstrom, multiple Oscar-winning sound designer and with Lucasfilm since 1983. It keeps the universe sounds realistic, based on real things that you manipulate to create something unique adds the man. Ben Burtt clarifies that “ when it comes to spooky sounds, alien voices, creatures, weapons, a performance is requested “.

Apple’s tools are great for budding filmmakers

Image 3: Star Wars: behind the scenes of sound creation unveiled by Apple
Artist working on Star Wars : Visions – Credit: Apple

Ben Burtt believes that the experience of Skywalker Sound artists helps aspiring filmmakers. “ I tell young people who want to work on sound that they have to listen to the surrounding world to build a collection of sound effects advises the designer. He also recommends to record and classify these sounds to create a library. The opportunity to have more creative choices. ” The abundance of inexpensive apps you have access to on your iPad or MacBook » performs all kinds of cutting and mixing.

Al Nelson certifies that iPhone recordings are “ perfectly usable in the professional context. Gary Rydstrom specifies that the smartphone also allows make movies in 4K speaking of ” revolution allowing to democratize “the whole process”.

Apple offers a documentary May 9 from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. at this address. You’ll find sound designer Leff Lefferts to tell you about working at Skywalker Sound. Learn about the birth of iconic movie characters Star Wars. This program shows images of the Skywalker Ranch followed by a tutorial to create vocal effects with your voice, everyday objects and GarageBand on Mac!

Source: Apple

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