Before summer, opt for a connected scale like your Tesla

Terraillon is releasing a new product, particularly innovative and noticed: the Master Coach, impedance scale connected Wi-Fi. Today, we present it to you after having tested it for you.

Before the summer, it is a complete product that we present to you. Of course, this connected scale will accompany you throughout the year.

Presentation of the Terraillon brand

This extraordinary scale is in keeping with the brand’s spirit.

The spirit of innovation for more than a century

Since its creation more than 100 years ago, Terraillon has worked with the best partners to develop innovative and top quality productsmainly in the field of weighing (weighing scales and kitchen scales).

The best example of sustainability? The BA2000a mechanical kitchen scale created in 1970 by the Italian designer Marco Zanuso and exhibited at the MoMA in New York.

Today, the brand has expanded its range and is positioned as the wellness and health partner on a daily basis, by designing innovative devices, with a design that is always meticulous. In this field, Terraillon collaborates with prestigious agencies and has won numerous international awards including the iF Design Award or the Red Dot Design Award.

Terraillon – Your daily well-being partner

By day, Terraillon takes care of you and your loved ones with its famous kitchen scales, personal scales and a range of medical equipment.

By night, your new sleeping companions help you fall asleep and wake up naturally, while analyzing your sleeping conditions. You will have the opportunity to shed light on your nights and improve them.

It is now a question, after a general presentation of the brand, of introducing the Wi-Fi connected scale par excellence at the price of 79.99€. It is recommended by top athletes such as Hugo Gaston (professional tennis player), of which Terraillon is the official partner on the ATP circuit.


Black, the connected scale opts for a minimalist design that we love. Her goal is not to be noticed, whereas she is remarkable!

The top is made of glass, a material of undeniable quality. Its gross weight is 2.30 kg / 2.60 kg, so it is easy to move when needed.

For package dimensions note 38.6 x 37.3 x 4.3 cm.



Master Coach allows a fast data transmission thanks to its Wi-Fi connection. It is not necessary to weigh yourself with your smartphone, the data is automatically transmitted to the application via the Wi-Fi network (only in 2.4 Ghz Wifi network).

At each new weighing, you receive a notification on your smartphone inviting you to consult your new weight and body mass data. How practical! Connectivity works with:

  • iPhone 4S and +;
  • iPad 3 and +;
  • Android 4.3 and + (smartphone only).

Calculating body fat and BMI

Thanks to its 4 weight sensors integrated into the scale plate, Master Coach analyzes your weight, BMI and body composition : fat, muscle, water and bone masses. Particularly useful when you follow your evolution in order to lose the bad pounds (fat) while maintaining your muscle mass.

The data is available directly on the MyHealth application and allow detailed monitoring of your weight. On the way for a complete analysis of your weight, your BMI, and your body composition (fat, muscle, water and bone mass)!

The advantages of the Master Coach

  • Their servers are hosted in France and certified HDS (Health Data Hosts);
  • Large dynamic display screen – maximum readability;
  • Max capacity: 180kg, graduation 100g;
  • Up to 8 users!

Personalized support with a coach

A 3-month slimming coaching is offered for any purchase of a Master Coach. This coaching offers a real personalized follow-up via telephone appointments with a dedicated dietician. A complete nutritional assessment will also be delivered to you during this coaching in order to continue your efforts over the long term. A real plus, non-existent in the competition.

Note: Offer available only in France, the terms and conditions are available in the packaging.

Conclusion : Stay connected to your well-being

Track your weight, food, activity, sleep and blood pressure on the MyHealth app. Track your progress and reach your set goals directly on the app! Everything is centralized, which greatly simplifies your life.

This application allows you to follow your progress over time and in relation to your goal. Everything you want from a connected scale after all.

Attention: 4 x AAA batteries are not included! For a functional connection of your scale, it will be imperative to choose Wifi 2.4 Ghz.

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