Beer benefits men’s gut health


  • The intestinal microbiota is the set of microorganisms that colonize our digestive tract.
  • Its imbalance is the cause of many pathologies.

According to a new study, drinking beer would have a positive impact on our intestinal microbiota, essential for our good physical and mental health.

double blind

To reach this conclusion published Wednesday in the ACS Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, researchers from the New University of Lisbon designed a randomized double-blind clinical trial. 22 healthy men were recruited to drink 330 ml of non-alcoholic or alcoholic (5.2%) beer daily for 4 weeks. Blood and fecal samples were collected before and after the experiment.

No more than two glasses a day

Conclusion: the daily consumption of non-alcoholic or alcoholic beer for 4 weeks did not increase the body weight of the participants, nor their fat mass. Beer, on the other hand, increased gut microbiota diversity, which has been associated with positive health outcomes, and tended to increase fecal alkaline phosphatase activity.” write the scientists.

Be careful though: alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Santé Publique France recommends drinking no more than two glasses a day, and not every day.

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