Batch. Otantik, a new Afghan and Persian specialty restaurant in Cahors

Habib Soltankhil has just opened “Otantik”, the first Afghan and Persian specialty restaurant in Cahors, in the Lot. (©Actu Lot)

In downtown Cahors in the Lot, at 27, rue du Portail Alban, since May 12, 2022, it is now possible to discover and taste the Afghan and Persian specialties.

Habib Soltankhil, of Afghan origin, has been in France for 10 years and has worked in several restaurants in Cahors. He comes fromopen first restaurant, “Otantik” which completes the diversity of the Cadurcian culinary offer, Cahors being devoid, to date, of Afghan and Persian restaurants.

Pickles, spices…

He works rice, lamb, in particular, in the Afghan and Persian way, with marinades that mix garlic, onion but also spices, such as cumin, pepper or ginger. Afghan and Persian cuisine, which is not that spicy, also offers a wide choice of skewers, based on lamb, chicken or beef*. It’s a colorful, tasty cuisine, which mixes several flavors, with marinades that enhance the taste.

As an Afghan specialty, he offers bolanis, which are pancakes with or without vegetables. From Persia, Iran, he offers keftas, made from veal or lamb. Chicken, lamb and kebab dishes are also on the menu.

Packages from €8.50

To allow all budgets to savor these Afghan and Persian specialties, all homemade, formulas at €8.50 have been put in place. As a side dish, there was rice or crispy potatoes. For those who wish, there are vegetarian dishes, like samosas.

To date, Habib Soltankhil, who speaks no less than six languages, in his restaurant at 27, rue Portail Alban (at the former hairdressing salon) employs one employee. Its restaurant is open every day from 11:30 a.m. until 10:30 p.m. in the evening.

Its dishes and menus can be consumed on the spot or taken away. Orders are made at the restaurant or by phone at 06 40 39 06 68.

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Habib Soltankhil, with the return to power of the Taliban, finds the situation “catastrophic” in Afghanistan, where his family lives. He would like his restaurant to work, to best support his family who are suffering the atrocious living conditions imposed by the Taliban power, or even allow him to join him, in France, in the Lot.

*Halal meat


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