Bas – Argentina: Albiceleste got a big scare but got away with it on penalties… Relive the match with us

11:00pm: With that, thanks for following all of this with me and at your favorite place! See you tomorrow for Portugal-Morocco and of course France-England! Have a good evening everyone

22:57: It’s all over on this shot on goal wrong-footed by the Inter striker. What a game my friends! We were bored quite a bit, but what an ending!

22:56: Lautaro MARTINEZ sends Argentina to the HALF! 4-3 on penalties

22:56: Lautaro wants the winning shot…

22:55: De Jong equalises! 3-3!

22:54: Enzo FERNANDEZ OFF! It all starts again, still 3-2 to Argentina

22:53: Weghorst maintains hope for the Netherlands, 3-2

22:52: Montiel (not Bernard) on the wrong foot, 3-1 to Argentina, who are almost there

10:52 p.m.: Koopmeiners gets it on and unlocks the Batavian counter, 1-2

22:51: Paredes it goes, 2-0 to Argentina!

22:50: Berghuis, WHO IS ALSO MISSING! The Martinez spell again!

22:49: Messi’s turn … Easy in the center, 1-0 to Argentina

22:48: Van Dijk RATE, Martinez is on the right! 0-0

22:48: The Netherlands shoot first

22:44: It’s OVER, qualification is decided by penalty kicks!

120.: THE POST for Enzo Fernandez! Noppert was defeated!

120th: Last corner scored by Messi… Di Maria tries it straight, but Noppert is still there!

119.: Lautaro sends a minasse, but Noppert boxes!

22:39. : Interesting little statistics about the Dutch evening hero

115.: Enzo Fernandez takes his chance at 20 meters, it is countered and it goes straight over! Argentina is pressing

114.: VAN DIJK saves Oranjes! Lautaro takes a cross and the Liverpool defender intervenes!

112′: Big mistake by Pezzella, who still gives the Albiceleste a good service because Gakpo went on goal

111 : Di Maria enters, Lisandro Martinez leaves

110.: Messi tries a little curled up, but it flies away!

110th: Regardless of who passes, Croatia seems to be over. You read this first!

107.: Noppert takes the ball on this corner. With his size, he shouldn’t be bad at punishment, man

22:25: Come on, the end of this first extension! Another one, but frankly this case reeks of fines

104.: Otamendi not far from touching this free kick from Messi!

100 : Good free kick for the Oranjes, but it is badly shot and poorly played

98 : The Oranjes are now much better, much more impactful than the Argentinians who suffered a blow to the head

95 : This Berghuis is good! Since coming in, he has made quite a difference on his left side

22:12: Then we’re back in action for 30 minutes of play (2×15)

10:05 p.m.: Go to extra time! What a crazy finish as we had been terribly bored for 80 minutes!

90.+10: ORANGE EQUALIZE! This is absolutely insane! They played the free kick with a small full axis pass to Weghorst who planted his double! 2-2!

90.+10: Last chance for the Netherlands! A new free kick full axis, 18-20 meters!

90.+7 : The Argentinian crowd sings…

90.+6 : Will the Oranjes have one more? Currently, Otamendi holds the barracks on the Argentine side

90. + 1: Super free kick, full axis of 18 meters for Oranjes … It’s in the wall!

90.: It will be… 10 MINUTES extra time!

88.: BUT PAREDES, how stupid he is! His mistake is a scandal and behind him he sends the ball towards the Dutch bench! It just turns yellow right away…

86.: This reduction in the score has completely reinvigorated the Dutch, who are now pushing as they were completely dropped

83.: GOOOOOOOANJES! Weghorst sends an uncrossed header into Martinez’s net! 2-1

82 : Lautaro and Tagliafico have just entered the Argentine side

80.: This Argentina is diabolical… It didn’t take much before the Albiceleste took a 2-0 lead tonight. It is not flamboyant, but solid and applied. And the Dutch offer NOTHING

76 : Things heat up between the two teams after some benign contact between Martinez and De Jong. Go jump, two yellow cards and everyone is calm

73.: MESSSSSSSSSSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! The Argentine genius sends into the small net, Noppert doesn’t move and it’s 2-0

71.: PENALTY to Argentina!!! Foul (stupid) by Dumfries on Acuna! Messi will obviously hit him (the penalty)

70th: Only 20 minutes left and Holland really can’t do it… Oranjes are in no rush (OK, I’m leaving)

67 : Paredes takes De Paul’s place in the Albiceleste side. For concrete?

64.: De Jong replaces Blind: Oranjes go back to 4 behind

63.: Just over! Messi’s free kick misses the mark!

61.: Messi, Messi, Messi! n°10 is in good form this evening and has just hit full axis. Foul by Van Dijk, well placed free kick

59.: Oh the counter for bad control by the Albiceleste! Mac Allister’s pass is too strong for De Paul and it ruins everything!

56 : It now goes much faster on the orange side. But without being dangerous at the moment

50 : Oranjes restarts with rhythm. That is changing!

9:07 p.m.: Then we’re back at it! Bergwijn came off at half-time, replaced by Berghuis. De Roon is replaced by Koopemeiners. No change on the Argentinian side

20:57: See you in 5 minutes, friends!

20:51: Come on, half time! 1-0 to Argentina in a very closed game, opened only by the talent Messi, who provided a great pass for the opener.

45.+2 : Weghorst, sitting on the bench (!), is also warned. It stretches!

45.+1 : Third good free kick for the Netherlands. It’s always well shot by Gakpo, but Martinez takes it

45 : And jump a card to Romero, who spikes the ball with his hand! Strange as a gesture, it doesn’t seem to have been done on purpose

42.: Timber and Acuna warned. The Argentine tapped Dumfries on the ankle and the Dutchman wanted to tell him his way of thinking

41 : Good free kick well placed for the Netherlands. Gakpo crosses, piles up in the box… and whistles, Dutch foul

35.: BUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTT FROM ARGENTINA! It starts from Messi, who accelerates full axis and gives a blind pass to Molina, who has to beat Noppert! Very nice and it’s 1-0 to Albiceleste!

33′: Good shot from De Paul! It’s too easy for Noppert, but the action was great!

31′: First yellow card… for an assistant of the Argentine coach. In this case, Walter Samuel! Do you remember him? A defender went past Roma, if I don’t say stupidity.

28 : We’re seriously bored, aren’t we? Honestly, the shock doesn’t live up to its promises for now. Both teams don’t offer much.

24.: Bergwijn tries his luck! His shot is too crossed. Half an option, nothing crazy yet!

20th: First corner for Holland, won by Depay … it doesn’t work

18 : Do the Argentines prefer counter-attacks? The Albiceleste hardly pressure the Oranjes, who rotate in their camp.

15 : This first quarter is in favor of the Argentines, much sharper when they attack. The Oranjes are timid until then

11.: Acuna! Well moved by Messi on the left, he’s in the area but tries a powerful cross completely missed. But knock!

10.: Lusail stadium clearly pro-Albiceleste. Lots of Argentine chants, you neither hear nor see the Dutch fans

8 : Oranjes in trot. They are not taking any risks at the moment, it is even a bit windy

5th: First rush of Messi full axis. The little genius gives to the right, but the center is imprecise

4 : Fernandez and Gakpo collide, nothing serious. It was involuntary.

3 : Little round of observation for the moment, nothing crazy crazy to tell you But it’s coming eh!

19:55: Come on, big game in sight!

It’s time for hymns and it’s already taking… We’re going to enjoy Minutos!

19:50: A little eye with Gakpo

Already 3 goals (in group) for the young striker from PSV Eindhoven, in great form since the start of the season (18 goals and 18 assists!). Will he be the detonator for this orange attack?

19:45: The Argentinians take off, the Netherlands regular

The two teams have been in comparable form since the start of the World Cup. Finally, the increase in power is even more visible for the Albiceleste, kicked off by Saudi Arabia (1-2). She had to rise against Mexqiue (2-0), Poland (2-0) before shaking a little ahead of Australia in 8th place (2-1). The Oranjes, they hit Senegal from the start (2-0), suffered against Ecuador (1-1) before easily beating Qatar (2-0). In the 8th, the USA was outclassed (3-1).

19:35: Argentines without Di Maria

We start with the compositions without Di Maria looking at the Albiceleste side. Scaloni chose to strengthen his defense and fielded three centre-backs: Nicolas Otamendi, Cristian Romero and Lisandro Martinez. On the Oranje side, forward Steven Bergwijn was preferred over attacking midfielder Davy Klaasen.

19:30: Good evening / Buenas noches!

Well, I prepared my match and I say good evening to you in Dutch and Spanish, the languages ​​of this match. Who said we don’t work in 20 minutes?

10:30: The challenges

Here is a poster that smells of the high peaks of the World Cup. Between Argentina and the Netherlands, it is a long history and many memories, those of the Argentines’ first World Cup at home in 1978, from the semi-final in 2014, which featured a world final for Messi at the end of tension, or the iconic goal Bergkamp during the quarter of Marseille in 1998. In short, the heavy, and this new confrontation also promises. The Argentinians are still on a mission for their captain, while van Gaal’s Netherlands are coldly but surely advancing. A great suitor is going home tonight.

>> Because you don’t want to tell yourself tomorrow morning that you missed a moment of history, be there at 19.30 to follow this shock with us…

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