Baby receives 20 times recommended dose of TB vaccine by mistake

In the Ardennes, a baby would have received a dose twenty times higher than that recommended for the vaccine against tuberculosis.

A (very) big mistake of overdosing. A doctor from the maternal and child protection (PMI) of Charleville-Mézières in the Ardennes would have injected 20 times the indicated dose of the vaccine against tuberculosis into a baby on June 23, indicates The union.

The baby under supervision

Our colleagues specify that thehe doctor immediately realized his mistake. The exact amount injected into the child has not been confirmed. The doctors advised parents to watch their child carefully for several weeks and to make sure that an abscess does not form at the injection site.

The parents filed a complaint against the doctor, even if for the time being, their child had no sequelae.

As a reminder, the Calmette and Guérin bile vaccine (or BCG vaccine) is a serum against tuberculosis. It is no longer compulsory for children since 2007. However, it remains strongly recommended for children living in Île-de-France, Guyana or Mayotte, those living in precarious conditions or those with a family history of tuberculosis, recalls The Parisian.

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