Aulas promises substantial means for the transfer window

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Yesterday, we learned that the American businessman Foster Gillett was about to become the new owner of OL, by buying more than 50% of the shares of the Rhone club. On the sidelines of Alexandre Lacazette’s presentation, Jean-Michel Aulas spoke on the subject, to calm things down with regard to the sale, but also to reassure about the financial means to come.

“It is true that we are in the process of changing shareholders, because 2 shareholders are leaving. It is a highly monitored procedure. The interests of all people who are stock market shareholders can be put in difficulty. Yes, there are a number of discussions, no there is nothing concluded. And I even think that information that is too precise when it is inaccurate can contribute to things not getting done. There is a process that is underway, there is no certainty about the discussions held. The important point is that in all the discussions, we were going to make a significant strengthening of equity. That’s why we’re so comfortable launching recruitment. And that I was going to stay at the head of the club “, launched JMA. Everything is not yet closed, even if Aulas wanted to affirm again: “we will have the means to match our ambitions and I will be present as CEO in the future”.

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