At the beach, a small child saw his foot melt


  • Doctors had to cut all the skin from the young patient’s foot.
  • According to Grimsby Live, there is no evidence that there had been a fire on the part of the sand where the boy injured himself.

On June 11, Ezekiel Long’s mother, Kerensa, decided to take her son to Grebe Beach in Cornwall (UK). The 4-year-old boy was playing quietly at the water’s edge, then suddenly he started screaming after taking a step on the sand. The child had just seen that his foot was melting. The young patient was rushed to hospital for treatment for his injury.


“The lower part of his foot is completely blistered. He has a bandage and takes ibuprofen and paracetamol, but he can’t put on a shoe,” said, at the site CornwallLive, Kerensa Long. Ezekiel had to return to the hospital the day after this incident for further treatment.

After this misadventure, the little boy’s mother felt that her son’s foot was badly burned due to campfires and barbecues that were not properly extinguished by vacationers. “It’s irresponsible and it can have a significant impact,” she pointed out. Sharing a photo of Ezekiel’s injury, she reminded people to wet fires with seawater or mark them with rocks to mark a dangerous area, after extinguishing them.

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“As it’s the time of year, I just want to send a message to people to get rid of their fire and make sure it’s out before you leave,” continued Kerensa Long. She said these precautions are vital around young children crawling and playing on the beach.

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