At 79 and on crutches, she resumes service to save her son from closing the restaurant

Alexis Demay and his 79-year-old mother in front of their restaurant “Chez Geneviève” located in Audenge (Gironde). (©Alexis Demay)

It’s a sigh of relief for Alexis Demay, manager of the restaurant “Chez Genevieve” to Audengeon the Arcachon bay (Gironde). His establishment was able to welcome customers again this Thursday, May 12, 2022 after three days of closure.

For about a month, he and his 79-year-old mother have been looking for staff to help them run the establishment. It was with the help of Geneviève, the owner’s mother, that the restaurant worked, but fortunately reinforcements finally arrived!

If they were able to reopen this Thursday noon, it was thanks to the conclusive test that he passed to a young, inexperienced recruit. Without this help, it is impossible to stay open because of the workload.

“I have to walk on crutches”

“I’m in the kitchen, at the service, at reception… It’s exhausting! I called everyone in my network, no one was available. Fortunately, mom is there to help, but it’s difficult at her age, ”laments Alexis Demay.

For her part, Geneviève, creator of the restaurant 49 years ago, continues to take care of the dishes, the aperitifs and the coffees. “I have a knee prosthesis, I have to move around with crutches, and then the plates have become too heavy for me. It becomes very tiring,” she sighs.

For his son, this situation cannot last in the long term. Every day, Alexis Demay has to refuse customers. “Right now, with the heat and the sun, people are rushing to the restaurant but I can’t accommodate them all. »

A satisfactory mobilization

Six. This is the number of people that the manager of “Chez Geneviève” is looking for for the summer. “It’s really a minimum. Today, I recruit all profiles. With experience, it’s obviously better but I can also train, ”he says.

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To put all his chances on his side in order to recruit staff, Alexis put a large slate in front of his restaurant with the indication of an attractive salary: “Looking for waiters and kitchen help for 2000 euros net. »

In addition, he posted this announcement on social networks. Since then, he has smiled. “The phone doesn’t stop ringing, I’ve received a few unsolicited applications. I just have to hope that the recruits will stay now. »

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