At 27, she runs 72 restaurants

But how does she do it? I listened to Rosanne Giguère, from the height of her 27 years, and I had the impression of having in front of me a super athlete of entrepreneurship.

A woman that nothing can stop, who thrives on challenges with discipline and self-control, without feeling dizzy. Just imagining her race and I’m out of breath, while she doesn’t seem to know fatigue.

Rosanne is vice-president and chief executive officer of À la bouffe, a Trois-Rivières restaurant group founded by her father in 1996, which has just acquired Sushi Taxi. This chain has 12 corporate restaurants and nine franchises, in addition to the other restaurants of À la Bouffe, Subway and Thaï Express.

“We discovered Sushi Taxi from a franchise point of view in Trois-Rivières, after having been loyal customers of the banner. Then, we approached the owner to take the chain to new heights. We want Sushi Taxis in all regions and major cities of Quebec,” the young entrepreneur dreams of.

In support of his father

Rosanne was already at the helm of the company at the end of 2019, having completed her law studies and her MBA in four years without a summer break. She even found time to work in a law firm in mergers and acquisitions before joining her father at À la bouffe, when he wanted to acquire a group of restaurants to add to the 30 he owned.

“He didn’t want to do this alone, so I came by his side to carry out the project,” explains Rosanne, who learned the inner workings of the organization before completing the transaction in the spring of 2021.

This was the first big bite, before Sushi Taxi this year. The appetite for growth will certainly show up again, but that will be later.

“I want to do things right,” says the entrepreneur.

retain labor

When I was amazed at all she had accomplished at such a young age, she told me that she was also having children – she would give birth to her second in July! Her boyfriend is a construction contractor, so it takes them a hell of a good network to meet all their challenges.

“Not many people my age go through the same challenges. A chance that I have a close team, underlines Rosanne Giguère. Moreover, I salute the young entrepreneurs who bought the Ashtons. It shows me that I’m not the only one with these crazy ideas! continues the young businesswoman.

Crazy ideas because the restaurant sector is struggling to find labor and facing inflationary pressures, which requires a lot of creativity. Rosanne is banking on retaining the workforce. Reducing staff turnover greatly reduces training and integration costs.

“So you have to listen to people and know what makes them happy. I put forward a lot of communication and collaboration and I was well accepted and welcomed by the team,” says the young woman, who did not feel the stress of taking over her father for long. organisation.

“Communication takes away my feeling of impostor. I always explain why and that helps people get on board. »

Can’t wait to see how far this woman will go. It has certainly not ceased to amaze.

To the food

  • Year of foundation: 1996
  • Founder: Andre Giguere
  • Location of head office: Three Rivers
  • Number of employees : 750


  • Job : Vice President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Age : 27 years old
  • Education: Law-MBA, University of Sherbrooke

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