As Apple switches to OLED, the supplier says demand for mini-LED has dropped

It is rumored that Apple is considering moving many products to OLED in the coming years. An idea that fits well with a report of DigiTimes appeared today claiming that mini-LED display demand would be down. The technology is currently used in a few products, such as the MacBook Pro or the large 12.9″ iPad Pro.

DigiTimes claims to have gotten its sources to speak at Epistar, a display maker that has supplied mini-LED panels to Apple for some time. The contractor explains that the demand for consumer electronics has decreased. Could this be a sign that Apple is abandoning the technology to turn to OLED?

Last week, since specializing in the display industry The electric one claimed that Samsung Display had prioritized developing a type of OLED screen that Apple could use in future iPad and Mac models. According to rumors, the first OLED iPads could see the light of day in 2024. The future iPhone SE could also get the right to it, just like a new MacBook Air.

Corridor rumors of this plate change have been going around for years. Currently, only iPhones have an OLED panel, while some products (such as the iPhone SE, iPads or Macs) use LCD or mini-LED. Meanwhile, there are no worries for Epistar: the manufacturer predicts a peak in demand for mini-LED displays for dashboards and vehicle displays in 2023.


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