Apple’s self-service repair store lets you fix your iPhones

Apple grants the right to repair Apple devices to its customers. The company has opened self-service repair stores to empower iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and third-generation iPhone SE repairs. The new program will offer more than 200 parts and tools to repair Apple devices.

There would be a wide range of things that customers could fix, such as the battery, camera, and screen. In addition, Apple will also provide parts, manuals and some repair tools for Mac computers later this year. Interestingly, Self Service Repair is first available in the United States and will expand across the world in 2022.

Through this self-service installation, customers would have access to more than 5,000 Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASPs) and 2,800 independent repair providers. This is the initial phase in which Apple focuses on repairing the camera, screen, and battery. Learn more about this ambitious program in this in-depth article.

Self-service repair

The right to repair movements has given this self-service repair facility to most customers. However, before repairing Apple devices, you should always consult the repair manual. After going through the repair manual, customers can place an order online in the self-service repair store. There is also an advantage. Customers returning used parts from Apple devices could also get a credit for their purchase.

The self-service repair program allows customers to self-repair Apple | Image credit: Apple

It is important to know that self-service repair is most suitable for individual technicians. Especially those who have the rigorous experience and skills to repair electronic devices. Apple recommended in the official blog that for most customers, visiting a professional and certified technician is more beneficial.

Access to Apple Repair

Apple has increased the number of gas stations over the past three years. Customers can have access to more than 2800 independent repairers. This can give an advantage to customers who can easily repair their Apple devices.

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Apple Grants Do-It-Yourself Repair Rights to Apple Devices to Customers | Image credit: Apple

Interestingly, the repair provider program was initially launched in 2019 in the United States only and has since expanded to over 200 countries. This has given a double benefit to independent repair shops as they now have access to training, parts and tools.

Moreover, Apple also provides the most convenient service to consumers through its network of more than 5000 AASPs. Through this service, consumers get the in-warranty and out-of-warranty service to repair their Apple devices.

Proponents of self-repair

Self-service repair shops didn’t come into existence on their own. On the contrary, self-repair proponents pushed harder to force Apple to supply these stores. Now they’re asking for wider access to repair tools and stores so customers don’t have to wander around looking for quality service.

Then they have genuine concerns. Apple has bluntly and pointedly warned about problems that can arise when servicing third-party parts or unauthorized repairs.

Final remarks

Apple isn’t the only company giving customers access to self-service repair. Last month, Samsung also announced a similar initiative to provide repair service for flagship Galaxy devices. However, the program is still in the rudimentary stage and there are chances that customers will also encounter problems.

However, companies like Apple and Samsung generally make it difficult for independent repair businesses to grow. In response to criticism, companies usually list the reasons for maintaining the quality of the repair service.

Still, having access to the self-service repair store won’t be enough. As Apple has already warned customers to seek professional repair services instead of taking the mess into their own hands. Despite all these setbacks and precautions, Apple has taken a great initiative. This will build customer confidence in Apple devices.

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