Apple’s official website can no longer sell iPhones and Macs

News hardware Apple’s official website can no longer sell iPhones and Macs

That’s it, the Apple site is down. It is the dream of many detractors that finally comes true. Except no, this malfunction is not really one, and everything is calculated by Apple. This is even good news for fans of the brand.

Apple store no longer works

Alert is panic for those who wanted to buy an iPhone or a new Mac. Is this the end for Apple? Did Tim Cook decide to pack up, or is a technician in Cupertino tired of having to return his Magic Mouse to be able to recharge it?

We reassure you, it is none of that. Apple is still standing tall and given the record revenue figures achieved by the firm in recent quarters, it would have been surprising if Apple had trouble running their own site.

If we go to the site of the most famous brand in the world, everything seems to work normally. However, as soon as you go to a page to make a purchase, you are greeted with a page announcing “What’s New” related to the WWDC conference, and you can’t do anything about it.

However, you will still have to wait a bit to get your long-awaited product, and this is actually good news for consumers, because new products are coming, starting tonight.

New MacBooks during Apple’s keynote

WWDC is normally a software-only conference, so why would this kind of event trigger a site maintenance? The answer is simple: new products will be announced by Apple, in addition to software-related news.

This has happened before, and surprisingly, during Apple’s last four WWDC keynotes, no product was announced and directly ready for sale on the online site. And during these four keynotes, the store did not undergo any maintenance.

This is proof that can almost confirm that new devices will be presented this Monday, June 6 at 7 p.m. The question is which ones? According to the latest rumours, we should be entitled to the next MacBook Air with the new M2 chip.

This highly anticipated chip represents the next major evolution for Apple’s ARM chips, and would be what powers an all-new design MacBook Air, featuring thin white bezels with a notch on top, and a new color.

After the conference, everything will return to normal and new products will therefore be available for pre-order.

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