Apple’s mixed reality headset would feature content created by Hollywood directors

There will come a time when the iPhone will no longer have the huge sales that Apple and its shareholders have grown accustomed to. What will be the next big thing from Apple? For years it has been speculated that some sort of augmented reality glasses will replace Apple’s iconic smartphone to become the tech giant’s biggest seller. About 5 years ago, analyst Gene Munster even went so far as to say that Apple’s augmented reality glasses would one day be bigger than the iPhone.

This could turn out to be true, but Apple has prepared a product that is scheduled to be released before the famous Apple Glass augmented reality glasses. It would be a VR/AR mixed reality headset that would use both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Virtual reality creates fictional environments in which you can immerse yourself.

Augmented reality consists of superimposing data on a real image. A great example of augmented reality in action is Google Maps live view, available for augmented reality walking instructions. The rear camera gives you a real-time overview of the road and traffic ahead, while the overlay contains arrows that show you which direction to walk and other icons point out famous places of interest near which you can walk. go for a walk.

Over the weekend, the New York Times wrote thatApple is gearing up for its next big project by bringing on big-name directors to help create video content for the mixed reality headset Apple plans to launch next year. According to the renders, the helmet looks like ski goggles, and the product is said to have made the rounds on Apple’s board in Cupertino.

Sources familiar with the matter told The Times that Jon Favreau is just one of the directors involved — he would be tasked with delivering a mixed reality experience based on Prehistoric Planet, the dinosaur-filled Apple TV+ series he produced. . Sadly, it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to immerse ourselves in a Jurassic Park-like landscape anytime soon.

A stand-alone model

It is assumed that the version of the headphones that Apple will eventually release will be an autonomous model which will not need to be linked to an iPhone or a base station. At tonight’s WWDC, Apple is expected to showcase tools that developers will use to make their apps compatible with the mixed reality headset. While the product’s operating system would be called rOS for reality operating system (a name we already heard several years ago), the user interface would offer hands-free navigation according to the Times, which reviewed several key documents related to the project.

Apple fans don’t seem too keen on adding a mixed reality headset to the company’s enviable ecosystem. These users may be waiting for Apple Glass AR which is supposed to be analogous to Google Glass. The idea behind this kind of headset is to provide wearers with the same data and experience that smartphone users can receive on their phones, but delivered through their glasses instead of a screen.

Apple will have to face difficulties

This seems to be what Google had in mind with its Project Glass video that it showed the world on April 4, 2012. Apple Glass is still a few years away and Apple may still be wondering what kind of reception such device could bring him. You may recall that Google Glass users were accused of taking photos of subjects who didn’t know they were being photographed, earning users of the device the unflattering nickname “Glassholes”.

Carolina Milanesi, technology analyst at Creative Strategies, said: “This is the next frontier. For Apple, this is a new computing experience and an opportunity to engage consumers with a device and new experiences that build on what they’ve done with content.“.

The big question is whether audiences will feel that the iPhone experience can be replaced or enhanced by constantly wearing a headset or a pair of AR glasses.

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