Apple’s Carplay system

Gasoline and diesel went back above the two euro mark despite the rebate at the pump put in place by the government. Aid which will also be extended in August, when it was initially to stop at the end of July. Remember that it is a discount of 18 cents, already applied when you see the price displayed at the pump. How can these increases be explained? They are partly linked to the conflict in Ukraine. And it is growing with the gradual embargo on Russian oil, announced by the European Union. As for gasoline, which has become more expensive than diesel again, it is a seasonal factor. On sunny days, we drive a lot in the United States. And in anticipation of massive consumption, American players are buying more unleaded. This raises prices, indirectly in Europe. We will have to wait until the start of the school year to find out what the government will put in place to help the big wheelers, those who are forced to take their car every day.

Changing cars more often is possible at Porsche

The brand has been testing a new kind of package since June 1 in Germany. For nearly 3,000 euros per month, 2,899 € to be precise, the subscription allows you to change vehicles on demand. We can thus go from the electric Taycan to the Cayenne, from the 911 convertible to the more family-friendly Panamera Sport Turismo. All this is done from the smartphone. The vehicle is then delivered to the location desired by the customer in just two days. The monthly subscription includes 1,750 kilometers free and transferable to the following month if they have not been covered, as well as ancillary costs such as assistance and battery charging for electric models. On the other hand, fuel is extra.

Audi will exhibit its car of the future in Paris

It will be next week as part of Vivatech, the high tech show that wants to duplicate the CES from Las Vegas to Paris. The brand with the rings will present the Skysphere concept for the first time in Europe. It is an electric and autonomous roadster. Besides the fact that the steering wheel and the pedals retract, its particularity is to be with variable wheelbase. Its length evolves thanks to an ingenious mechanism in the bodywork. This Audi extends by 25 cm if you want more comfort, for example. We choose between an agile sports car or a rolling lounge, in which we can watch films and wear a virtual reality helmet.

And then, Apple will change the display of its CarPlay system

If you have a recent vehicle and an iPhone, it is possible to connect this smartphone and find the same display on the on-board screen. This also makes it possible to benefit from voice assistance in the vehicle. You can also take advantage of the guidance if you don’t have a GPS and enjoy your music. The Carplay system will change radically. In any case, this is what the brand presented at a developer conference. It suggests that the iPhone type display could be applied to several screens and support vehicle information, such as speed, autonomy, temperature and that we could personalize all this with Apple sauce. It’s quite attractive, but it’s hard to believe that manufacturers will let the Apple brand connect to their vehicle’s on-board software.

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