Apple’s arguments against unions in its stores

Apple does not appreciate the current movement of unionization in its American stores. The builder would have even appealed to a law firm specializing in the fight against unions. The website Motherboard got its hands on an internal memo detailing the arguments to be used by store managers.

Apple would take a dim view of unionization in its stores

In the document, Apple explains that employees who seek to unionize could lose several benefits such as the ability to take time off for personal reasons, career opportunities could pass them by, as well as promotions based on merit.

The Apple Store Grand Central in New York, where employees seek to organize.

Managers are encouraged to tell employees tempted by the creation of a union that they risk losing flexibility. ” There are many things to consider. One of them is that a union can fundamentally change the way we work “, can we read in the memo, which continues: “ What makes a store great is having a team that works well together, that can’t always happen when a union represents the team members “.

The document also explains that a ” outside union “does not know Apple or the culture of the company, ” which makes things more complex and rigid. Managers will not have the flexibility to act immediately or to take care of each person’s personal case as is currently the case “. An argument also used at Amazon and Starbucks and which did not carry: the union officials are not outsiders, they are simply the colleagues of the unionized employees who know the situation well.

In recent weeks, three Apple Stores have held elections to create union chapters, in New York, Atlanta and Towson (Maryland).


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