Apple would prepare a special App Store for Europe


by David

Recently, journalists from Bloomberg reported that the Cupertino company was preparing one app Store especially for Europe.

According to media reports, Apple would prepare a third-party App Store outside the Company’s control. Why ? The decision would be made by the leaders of Apple, as the old continent had to change several laws before 2024.

The American company is considering finding the best solution. Over the past few months, Apple has opened up several key features of the App Store to third-party services.

In Europe, the laws introduced by the leaders are aimed at the tech giants, and more specifically Apple and Google. Both companies have a clear monopoly on the distribution of applications on the continent.

At Apple, everyone is aware of the big change that is in place. To find out more, journalists from Bloomberg posed the question to several employees. The information gathered indicates that the teams are focused on this new task. As for users, the new changes should be available at iOS 17.

According to analysts, the company has of Tim Cook is expected to launch third-party stores on iPhone and iPad during the upcoming WWDC in June.

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