Apple would prepare a search engine to compete with Google

In the world of technology, there are rivalries that seem obvious to us. For computers, we immediately think of Microsoft and Apple. For consoles, Microsoft and Sony (Nintendo stands apart anyway). For phones, Samsung and Apple if we think of product (although the Pixel 6 could disrupt this duel) or Google and Apple if we think of software.

But when it comes to search engines, Bing isn’t exactly a big competitor to Google in the minds of the general public (let’s not even talk about DuckDuckGo). Surprisingly, an agreement between Apple and Google (which amounts to several billion dollars per year) ensures the Mountain View company a place of choice on the Apple system.

Advertising revenue, a big cake

While it’s hard to know exactly how much Google Search ads bring to Alphabet, we do know that this accounts for the bulk of the $210 billion in ad revenue earned in 2021.

With such a cake, it would seem logical that a company the size of Apple would decide, sooner or later, to try to claim a piece of it. However, before breaking the agreement with Google, the Apple brand must carefully assess its options.

The number does not necessarily make the success

It is in a tweet published by Robert Scoble, which lists Apple announcements expected during the coming year, that he reveals that the firm is preparing to launch its own search engine. This information is based on conversations with knowledgeable sources, but also on his own deductions.

However, by implying that Siri would be the main beneficiary, it could also be that Apple is preparing an intermediate “layer” allowing Siri to refine the answers coming from Google rather than a new engine.

Apple has an extremely large customer base across the world with over a billion people using iOS and Safari. This huge base could have reached a critical stage where switching to an in-house solution would be more advantageous than the agreement with Google. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that Bing, Microsoft’s engine, has not met with the expected success despite its association with the largest operating system in the world.

It will therefore be necessary to show a little patience to find out more about the launch or not of an “Apple Search”, since, according to Scoble, the company should not make an announcement at WWDC this week, but rather in January 2023.

Source: techradar

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