Apple would not like the presence of unions in its US Apple Stores…

Apparently, Apple doesn’t really like lobbying, either for itself or for its employees. While the employees of many American Apple Stores discover unionism – as in Atlanta, New York, and Towson, Maryland – the firm would intensify its efforts to calm their ardor. Indeed, a memo obtained by Vice list of union-busting talking points to deter employees from joining a union.

Thus, unionization would mean fewer opportunities and less attention to merit, with an impact on his career that could reduce his possibilities for promotion. Despite everything, Apple does not seem to impose any precise or direct directives on store managers, to make an informed decision.

However, she points out that it would fundamentally change the way we work. She does not want discussions between employees and store management to rely on a third partywith an impact on the ability of both parties to engage directly […] an outside union that doesn’t know Apple or our culture would make things more complex and rigid.

Apparently, Apple would tend to emphasize a decentralized dialogue (at store level) and to highlight the ability of store managers act in the moment or respond to each person’s unique needs as they always have.

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