Apple would be looking for solidity for the iPhone (resistance to water and pressure)

Apparently, Apple would be working on the resistance of the iPhone to water, and more specifically to improve the accuracy of its sensors while protecting them from fluctuations in water (or air) pressure. This new patent intends in fact to prevent pressure or changes in pressure from damaging the iPhone or affecting the accuracy of its sensors.

The text is more like a long list of existing pros and cons, and only touches on ways to equalize the pressure. The firm also recalls the existence of certain high-risk jobs or conditions of use that are more hostile than average (mountaineering, hiking, low or high temperatures, etc.).

She also explains in passing that it is for these reasons that it removed the Jack from the iPhone, the entry of which could weaken it. For example, plastic components can be replaced with metal components or glass components can be thicker and made with tempered glass. Devices can also be designed for use in a wider variety of environments.

But the firm must also face other disadvantages. Oversealing or sealing all ports could lead to fatal device overheating or decreased accuracy. Similarly, the use of a gas is mentioned, but again with negative consequences on temperature variations.

Apple would be looking for solidity  for iPhone (water and pressure resistance)

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