Apple: where does the term Keynote come from?

A new Apple keynote takes place this Monday, June 6 at 7 p.m. (Brussels time). But by the way, what is a keynote? We’ll explaine everything here.

Every year it’s the same ride. June is the occasion for Apple to hold its WWDC conference. Admittedly, it is not the only brand to organize an event of this type, but that of the Cupertino company is an event awaited by many fans of the brand.

What is a keynote?

If you have any interest in the apple brand, the term Keynote is surely familiar to you. But do you know where the term Keynote comes from?

The term “keynote” is a completely generic English word which means “presentation”. As its name suggests, it is a presentation of the key points (key notes) that will be discussed during a conference. Apple appropriated the term keynote in 1984, when Steve Jobs presented the first Macintosh.

Since then, each keynote is a real event. And the word is almost systematically associated with the Cupertino company for the general public. Apple broadcasts them worldwide live on its website, on Twitter or via a dedicated application on its devices (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV).

A real show

The high masses of Apple want to be a real show. To do this, the apple brand relies on the main elements, namely:

  • Rhythm
  • The style of presentation
  • Staging

Indeed, the presentations are rhythmic, irreproachable from a presentation point of view, in order to impress the gallery. Over the years, these keynotes have become real shows. The staging is well calibrated: a person in the middle of the stage, a giant screen and a highlighted product. It is minimalist and grandiose at the same time.

A powerful marketing tool

The ingredients of keynote success: the vocabulary used, the structure, the demos. Steve Jobs has always wanted to make technology accessible and simple. The keynotes are the showcase of this philosophy. On the giant screen, no frills. Even when talking about business. These methods are still used today.

Note also that the word “keynote” recalls the name of the software used by the Apple brand to make its presentations. It’s Powerpoint made in Apple which is part of the brand’s office suite.

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