Apple wants to make payment terminals disappear thanks to the iPhone

News hardware Apple wants to make payment terminals disappear thanks to the iPhone

You are already familiar with contactless payment, which has been very common everywhere for several years. paying with your smartphone still brings advantages, but merchants and customers still have to deal with the payment terminal. And much more for a long time with the iPhone.

The payment terminal is your iPhone

It is possible to do (almost) everything with a smartphone, and it now seems strange to have to wrestle with an external terminal to receive payments. We find these small devices in all merchants, and we are so used to them that we no longer even pay attention.

The terminals use NFC (Near-Field Communication) technology, to receive the banking information saved on the smartphone in order to make the payment. All smartphones today support NFC, so why depend on an extra machine?

Apple found this illogical, and announced in February the upcoming arrival of a feature allowing an iPhone to not only issue payments, but also receive them.

A video shows us the function in action in the Visitor Center of Apple Park, the brand’s headquarters in Cupertino. It is in the test phase in the store and it is already possible to try.

Concretely, the operation will be identical to what we know. An iPhone serves as a receiver and replaces the terminal, which can accommodate another smartphone or connected watch equipped with an electronic wallet, or a compatible contactless bank card.

A handy feature on the iPhone

This option is called Tap to Pay, and it does not revolutionize payments, but it should make life easier for merchants by avoiding the need to buy payment terminals, and certainly simplify use since everything will be done on the iPhone.

Like many features, this one is coming to the US first later this year, and we hope to see it rolling with us some time after. It will be compatible with iPhone Xs and later.

A few days ago, Apple was in the spotlight because they prevent access to the NFC present in the iPhone to third parties, and reserves it to keep Apple Pay as sovereign.

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