Apple wants to increase its production in Vietnam

On tour in Sillicon Valley, Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh went to Cupertino where he met Tim Cook, reports the newspaper Sàigòn Giải Phóng. Although Apple does not have a factory in its name in Vietnam, the Californian group uses the services of 31 local companies with some 160,000 employees who work on the assembly of certain Apple products. We know in particular that Apple launched in Vietnam in 2019 with the production of AirPods.

The Vietnamese Prime Minister was delighted with this indirect presence, which he wishes to increase by ensuring “a favorable business environment” for Apple’s supply chain. Tim Cook for his part expressed his desire to increase the number of suppliers in Vietnam as well as the number of factories in the country, wishing in passing “even more favorable policies” from the local government.

Negotiations between Apple and the Vietnamese government will remain secret, but the interests of Pham Minh Chinh and Tim Cook come together: Apple suffers from its dependence on China and wants to diversify its supply chain. There is therefore a good chance that the country will benefit from larger investments from Apple through its contractors in the coming years.

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