Apple wanted a MacBook Air XXL project … and it would be the first

Apple plans to launch a new 15.5-inch MacBook Air in 2023. The device would be meant to coexist with the current 13.6-inch model.

MacBook Air M2, during its presentation last June in Cupertino // Source: FANDROID – Melinda DAVAN-SOULAS

The rumor has been swirling around for several months and now gets a little more depth: Apple is about to launch a new MacBook Air, larger than the current model. In this case, the information comes to us from analyst Ross Young, who specializes in display issues and is often well informed. The person indicates, as it says, that Apple will indeed prepare a 15.5-inch MacBook Air for the spring of 2023. The person adds that the company will plan, to do this, to launch the production of screens for this new model from at first quarter of 2023.

Remember, this number and launch period had already been mentioned by both Ross Young and Bloomberg last March. Nine months later, they would therefore still hold the road despite certain divergent opinions… such as Ming-Chi Kuo’s. Also well informed, the TF International analyst assured that this 15-inch MacBook would come later and would not necessarily be linked to the Air series. The reasoning was then due to the possibly higher consumption of this large format MacBook which would prevent it from using the 30W charger”classicfrom MacBook Air.

A MacBook Air 15… for real?

This MacBook Air 15, if it were to become a reality, would still be offered together with the 13.6-inch M2 model that we know today, emphasizes 9to5Mac. The idea would thus simply be to offer a larger model to the consumer, and not to replace the current model. This would then be a first for the MacBook Air series, which had actually been available in two different models at the start: but only in 11 and 13 inches.

To 9to5Mac, the thesis of a MacBook Air 15 makes sense… and to us too. Apple would do well to take advantage of the technological transition (already well underway) for its Apple Silicon chips, but also of the redesign of its various MacBooks, to introduce new models. It would also be relevant to enrich the Air series, as it has had great commercial success.

Note that another rumor also persists: this time about the later launch of a new 12-inch MacBook. Removed from Apple’s catalog in 2017, according to some sources, this compact and affordable model would return in late 2023 or early 2024 at Apple, presumably with a completely new design.

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